We’ve spruced up the physical site, changed some public trails, and had some time to reflect on the future direction of Horton Center. Everyone is welcome at Horton Center, but this is a ministry of the New Hampshire Conference, which is comprised of local churches. This profoundly beautiful place belongs to us all. We’re partnering with pastors, lay leaders, and parents to reaffirm this ministry as an extension of your spiritual home. There are some great things about Horton Center’s history that we are retaining, but we’ve revisited boundaries and camping industry standards – and the program and purpose of the New Hampshire Outdoor Ministries is once again grounded in the mission of your church. We are partners in ministry!

So what does Transformation at your church’s summer camp look like?

  • A stunningly inspirational site
  • Campfires
  • Friendship
  • Laughter
  • Fun
  • Singing
  • Great Food
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Relaxing on Madison Porch
  • Ridiculously silly moments
  • Lifelong memories
  • Star gazing on Pinkham Ledge
  • Worship at Chapel Rock
  • “Challenge by choice” program:
  • Archery
  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Trip camps
  • Caving
  • Crafts
  • Day excursions (swimming!)
  • An extravagant welcome!
  • Focus on God’s love

Rebuilding Local Church Relationships: Anyone can attend, but this ministry belongs to everyone involved in churches of the New Hampshire Conference. This ministry exists as an extension and support of your church’s education and spiritual renewal efforts.

Accreditation by the American Camp Association (ACA): In summer 2014 we were visited by the ACA for accreditation in the year 2015.  We are ACA Accredited! It’s a big deal! We meet industry standards in: Physical Site, Health & Wellness, Program Development, Trip & Travel, Human Resources and Staff Training, Food Service, Safety, & Supervision.

New Program Model: The former Unit Camping model was much loved in its day, but in recent years it has not worked well. Changing regulations and social norms prompted a model rooted in trained and vetted local church volunteers. A separate set of volunteer “deans” from local NH UCC churches lead each event along with volunteer counselors, supported by the Directors and summer staff. Please contact us at the website to learn how you too, can be transformed by volunteering! We are also beginning to look at more adult programming.

Programming Emphasis: This summer’s theme “Beyond Belief! The Universe of God” comes from the National Council of Churches’ Summer camp curriculum. A new emphasis is being placed on this curriculum as part of our effort to undergird your church‘s Christian education efforts.

New Management: Supervision with clear and decisive boundaries for everyone’s physical and emotional safety. Collaboration with the Vermont and Maine Conferences also opens up new growth opportunities and possibilities for both conferences.