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Overlook of Pinkham Ledge

Summer Camp Info Guides

Youth Camps

For youth attending overnight camp at Horton Center

Family Camps

For those attending Family Camps at Horton Center

Adult Camps and Retreats

For those attending Women's Weekend at Horton Center

Find our answers to our most asked questions on our FAQ page.

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Health Forms

Health Form 1

Needed for all minors attending an event at Horton Center. Needs to be updated yearly.

For Children/Youth

Health Form 2

Needed for all minors attending an event at Horton Center. Must be signed by camper's doctor within one year of the session start date.

For Children/Youth

Health Form 3

Needed only for unattended minors who carry an EpiPen, inhaler, or other emergency medication. Must be signed by a doctor.

For Children/Youth

Health Form for Adults

All adults need to fill out this form. It does not need to be signed by a doctor.

For Adults

Note: In September and later, please send original Health Forms to 140 Sheep David Rd, Pembroke, NH, 03275, and bring a copy with you to camp registration.

Horton Center Scholarships

(Scholarships may also be available through your local church – be sure to check!)
Scholarship Applications are due by May 15th

Rekindling Curiosity

Learn more about this program on their website.

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