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Sunset over Pine Mountain


All donations we receive go directly into making the experience of our campers a lasting memory for years to come. Being out in God’s creation opens us up to where we can be vulnerable and take safe risks to meet new friends, get to know who we really are, and talk about how God works in and through each of us. Imagine a young person being accepted and loved just as they are, and embraced by a community of their peers where it’s okay to talk about what you believe. And imagine how important that is to them as they grow into caring, committed adults in our churches and in our world! Please prayerfully consider what you can give of the resources God has provided you and give the gift of camp to our young people.

How to Donate

By Check

Send your check to: Horton Center, c/o Lydia Frasca 140 Sheep Davis Rd, Pembroke, NH 03275

If you are donating a wish list item, please write the item you wish to pay for on the memo line. The money will only go to purchase your designated item.

By Credit Card

Use a credit card at our secure online donation site.

If you are donating a wish list item, please write the item you wish to pay for in the "designation" text box during check out.

Donate Online

New backboard (for lifeguards): $225

Sponsor a Summer Staff person for certification courses: $150-$250 (lifeguard, WFA, low-ropes, rock climbing, Serve Safe, archery, small craft, etc.)

Camper scholarships: $180 typical scholarship for one camper

Corn Hole yard game: $100

New rock climbing rope: $300

Day backpacks to lend for hike day: $25 each

Archery equipment: New back-stop netting: $250

An Excavator for a day (from someone who has access to one)

Low voltage downward lighting pathway: $250

30 New PFDs (Personal Floatation Devices) $25 each

Clothes washer - Top loader X-large capacity: $700

Construction Scaffolding (new or used): $250

Epi pens (adult and child) $400

Camp Wishlist

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